Walkstool® Comfort XXL26   - 26" High

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Walkstool® Comfort XXL26   - 26" HighWalkstool® Comfort XXL26 - 26" High

Walkstool® Comfort XXL26 - 26" High

Walkstool® Comfort XXL26   - 26" High
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New Product!!
The stool that walks
Walkstool is light, compact, and extremely comfortable to sit on and comes with an attractive storage/carry case. Telescopic legs give you two seating positions: legs fully extended and collapsed. The Walkstool® is perfect for low angle photography.

Rubber feet help reduce sinking into soft surfaces. The Walkstool is available in four models: 18 inch, 22 inch, 26 inch, and 30 inch.
The Walkstool is both very strong and lightweight. It can quickly be folded and snapped to your belt or other equipment.
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  • Available in four heights.
  • If you want more than one size, please add each size to the shopping cart separately
Model Walkstool Comfort XXL - 26
Height Fully Extended: 26 inches
Height Legs Collapsed: 15 inches
Folded Length: 20 inches
Sitting Comfort:Extreme Seat Size: 16 Inches
Weight: 30 ounces
Maximum Load: 550 pounds