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Naneu Pro™U-120  Medium SLR & Laptop (15.4") BackpackNaneu Pro™U-120 Medium SLR & Laptop (15.4") Backpack
Vanguard BIIN 25 Shoulder BagVanguard BIIN 25 Shoulder Bag
Vanguard BIIN 59 BackpackVanguard BIIN 59 Backpack
Vanguard Havana 38 Messenger BagVanguard Havana 38 Messenger Bag
Vanguard Quovio 41 Shoulder BagVanguard Quovio 41 Shoulder Bag
Vanguard Reno 41 BackpackVanguard Reno 41 Backpack
Vanguard Reno 45Vanguard Reno 45
Vanguard Sedona 41Vanguard Sedona 41
Vanguard Sedona 45  BackpackVanguard Sedona 45 Backpack
Vanguard The Heralder 46 BackpackVanguard The Heralder 46 Backpack
Vanguard The Heralder 49 BackpackVanguard The Heralder 49 Backpack
Vanguard The Heralder 51T  Rolling BackpackVanguard The Heralder 51T Rolling Backpack
Vanguard UP-Rise II 28 Messenger BagVanguard UP-Rise II 28 Messenger Bag
Vanguard UP-Rise II 33 Messenger BagVanguard UP-Rise II 33 Messenger Bag
Vanguard UP-Rise II 34 Sling BagVanguard UP-Rise II 34 Sling Bag
Vanguard Up-Rise II 48 BackpackVanguard Up-Rise II 48 Backpack
Walkstool® Comfort XXL26   - 26" HighWalkstool® Comfort XXL26 - 26" High

What Customers are saying about our producs and service!!
We always appreciate your comments about our products and service and how we could make them both better. Send us your comments and review of your procuct using the contact us page.

Some of the comments we have received -

Hello Herb,

I received your cheque today. Thank you.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick up the bag today, but I will get it next week sometime.

I would like to add that I am very impressed with how you handled my discontent.
You turned me from a disgruntled shopper into a raving fan. A lot of companies today could learn a lot from you.
I hope there are other products I can purchase from you.

Thanks again,

Just wanted to give thanks to Herb Wolf who made sure to let me know when my package would be delivered and it was on time As a customer, I really appreciate the awesome service and we need more of Herb!, He provided me with great awesome service. My product is wonderful too, please pass this on to Herb Wolf , I hope he keeps up the awesome great job for us customer's many thanks,

Thanks for all your help.  I plan on doing business with you again and I will also tell others about your products.
Ray C.

With the kind of service you give, I’m sure you are not surprised that you have just gained another “customer for life”!  Thanks so much.  I’ll use my new camera bag tomorrow (and probably the stool, too!)....Margaret A.

I would like to thank Herb for going above and beyond to find the bag I was interested in. After being alerted that the bag was out of stock, he located it at another store and arranged to have it sent in time for my trip. Will keep you guys in mind for my next purchase.Many thanks...Michael P.

Many thanks to CameraBagPro for helping me get a VERY hard to find product.  Their customer service and communication were top notch and I will definitely make them my first choice when shopping for more camera bags.  Thanks so much! Elena B.

I got the bag last week, and I am very pleased with it.  I particularly like the velcro flap that allows quicker access when the zipper is undone.  I'm also impressed with the shoulder strap - it is much more comfortable than the strap on my old bag.  I will definitely look to you in the future.  Thanks for checking in.
Ben E.

  Thank you for the prompt response; the SCL-7 Holster SLR Case was received today and is "perfect" for my use.
Stanley K.   

(Bravo Backpack) Thank you for the information! You've been a huge help. In the customer service realm, you are truly unmatched. If only more online merchants shared your dedication to customer satisfaction, I'd never have to leave the house!   I'm looking forward to getting the bag, it will be the perfect companion for my trip to the Grand Canyon.     Best of luck in all that you do,

Miles K.

Pelican PCS 247] I just  want to let you know that the Pelican, PCS 247 wheeled upright camera/computer case worked out beautifully for my Guatemala trip! Perfect size for the plane and perfect size for all of my lenses, etc., with some room to spare. AND it's so nice looking.

Marilynn J.


Over the past year, my husband has become very interested in photography.  Recently, he pointed out a camera bag he had seen in one of his photography magazines.  With an anniversary coming up, I thought that would be the perfect gift for him.  I stumbled upon your website and began looking through your vast selection of camera bags, and I found the Naneu Pro Alpha.  It appeared to be just like the bag my husband was admiring in his magazine, so I placed the order.  Within 24 hours, I received an email from Herb Wolf stating the color I had chosen was not available.  I chose a different color, and specified to Herb that this was an anniversary gift.  I was concerned that I wouldn't receive the bag in time.  He assured me I would have the bag before our anniversary date.  Within a day, I received another email confirming the shipment of my bag...and again, Herb assured it would get here in time, which it did.  I was thrilled with the quality of the bag, and my husband loves it!!  Mission accomplished, thanks to the excellent customer service received from this website.  I will definitely be recommending your website to others.  A special thanks to Herb for going above and beyond the call of duty.    

 A funny note:  My husband's gift to me hasn't arrived yet.  I jokingly told him that it's too bad he doesn't have Herb working with him.  :)

 Have a great day, and keep up the good work!!

 Susan N.

First of all, the quality of the Pelican PCS Rolling case that I purchased is 1 st class.  The case was on backorder from their factory, and I chose to wait for it to be shipped.  I appreciate their prompt updates and replies about the backorder. They operate like a small business with that personal touch.  I am saving up for another case and wouldn’t buy it anywhere except from 

Lousia H.